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Christmas giveaway 3 Christmas is a time of giving - so Murphy Photography биткоин локалс crypto azbuka ru joined forces with some awesome Tasmanian small businesses to create a five-week Christmas giveaway!

Hot Diggety Dog Flyer

Each week for five weeks you can enter to win gifts and vouchers which you can keep for yourself or giveaway to a loved one. Happy Christmas!!

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Come along and experience the wonderful benefits of this rejuvenating exercise for yourself! Pilates is a gentle, but extremely effective, form of low impact exercise suitable for people of all ages and fitness levels. Pilates improves posture, circulation, balance and co ordination and increases strength, mobility and flexibility- all while deeply connecting the mind and body through controlled breathing and precise body movements.

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Small group classes are conducted in a private studio setting in Somerset, as well as personalised individual instruction by appointment. We use a variety of small apparatus including toning balls, fit balls, foam rollers, stretch bands and fitness circles to add variety to the workout.

Gift certificates are available for individual sessions and group classes and make a lovely present for anyone hoping to feel good and keep fit and healthy!

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